Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What The Flip????

So today something really crazy happened to me... one of my worst nightmares really.  Let me tell you about it... but let me warn you, if you are easily freaked out (Abby, ha ha) read with caution.
Today I woke up didn't have many plans and my sister called me and asked if I could watch my little nephew Colt at 10, and I of course said sure! She asked if she could just drop him off instead of me go over there because her house wasn't clean, ha ha. So I agreed, she came at 10 and left and He and I just hung out for a bit, I got ready for the day, and then I started to fold laundry, he was sitting next to me watching a movie just minding our own business. All of a sudden I heard this LOUD pound at the door. My first thought was "what the heck Ryan don't try and scare us, that's lame." so I went over to the door and looked out the peep hole and couldn't see anything so I double dead bolted our door just in case.  I went back and sat on the couch and I heard the noise again just as loud. Now I was starting to freak out, I tried to call Ryan and he didn't answer and he text me and said "I'm in class, what's up?" Then I heard the pound again... alright not cool, Colt looked over at me and said "why is Ryan doing that?" so scared. I text Ryan back and said "call me now!" and right then I heard the noise again and then a part of our door frame came flying down the hall and the door swung open and I saw a guys leg and big boot and then he was gone! I flew to the door and yelled out the door "what the heck are you doing?!?!?" and there was no one there! 
 I ran back to the couch grabbed Colt and my phone and locked us in the bathroom.  I called 911 and told them what had happened and the lady on the phone was sooo nice! She stayed on the phone with me the whole time! She kept asking me to try and listen to see if anyone was in the apartment and luckily I couldn't hear anyone! I was so scared that he was going to come back.  The police finally got there after what seriously seemed like forever but was probably five minutes and came in because the door was open because the dumb bum broke the part of the door frame off that makes the door close and they yelled in "Glendale Police" which scared me way bad, and I stuck my head out the door and they told me to go back in the bathroom so they could check the apartment.  They had their guns out and everything! It was terrifying! They checked around and they didn't find anything so they then had to ask me all about it, while the other two cops were outside walking around checking everything out.  They came in after looking around and THREE of our window screens were bent and tampered with so that was one more thing to freak me out.
  By this time Ryan was home after trying to call me 7 times and not being able to get through to my phone. Apparently if you are making an emergency call on your phone it doesn't let any other calls get through and it just sends them right to voicemail. So he was glad to see that both Colt and I were safe and okay! 

After the cops had left and my sister came and got poor little Colt that was scared and now keeps telling everyone that a "bad guy kicked in Jillian's door" I just sat there and seriously wouldn't let Ryan leave my side and I still won't let him.  I am so freaked out and wish our trip to Utah comes really fast so I don't have to be here alone during the day.  We did go and talk to our apartment management and they are moving us to a second floor apartment and in a little bit busier part of the complex.  So when we get home we get to move which is not going to be fun being 8 months pregnant, but I know it will make me feel much more safe! Especially when the new baby comes and I'm home all day with just me and him.  
 I have thought about it today and that was really crappy that that happened, but it could have been A LOT worse! Like if I wasn't home and he just had free range on our apartment.  He could have not cared that I was here with my two year old nephew and just came in and did who knows what! So I really feel blessed that it turned out the way it did! I never ever want this to happen again and hopefully it won't, but I consider us lucky! 
So there it is, my worse nightmare (besides me or someone I love getting kidnapped).  I'm glad it's over with and done! 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thirty Weeks & Twleve Days!

What is 30 weeks??
Me and my baby are!!
I cannot wait to meet our little
guy in just 9 short weeks!
I think Ryan and I
are ready to be parents,
I guess we will see soon enough!
I love him so much and I haven't even
met him yet!

Twelve days??
Oh that is just how many days
He gets home December 20 at 4:45!
We have the entire week planned
out for when he
gets here because we are all just

so excited to see him!

These are the two most exciting things
that I am looking forward to
for the next couple weeks!
I'm more excited for these two events
It's true!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


This year we had a really long break from school so we took every second of it and spent it in Utah! We left the night that Ryan finished finals, which went very well for him! The next morning Ryan's little brother had his Championship football game in Grantsville so we headed down there!  It's so fun to have these football games and know that in like 10 years it will be our little guy! They won their game and it was a very proud moment for Jackson, Ryan and my father in law Tony! They did awesome! We spent most of the week with Ryan's family and just enjoyed each others company.  My sister in law had her baby while we were there, which we were really crossing our fingers for, and she is Sooo adorable! Cute little Remi Rose!
We also were able to have a Thanksgiving dinner at the Neeley's on Sunday because it was every ones "off" year so we wouldn't be there.  I loved it, I will always take a second Thanksgiving dinner, especially this year.. because the baby of course eats half of what I eat so I needed a full dinner :)
We also spent time at my parents house because I had two showers planned for when I was there.  I was so excited for it, I loved my bridal showers and I couldn't imagine getting cute baby things given to us!  I woke up Saturday morning with a sinus infection, which was not welcomed but I did not let that hold me back in enjoying my showers! My first shower was with my friends, and it was so great to get together with everyone from home and catch up. Jenny put together a breakfast and it was delicious and hit the spot! The second shower was with family which was amazing too!  Baby and I got spoiled to say the least! Our families were way too generous and Ryan and I wouldn't know what to do without them!
We then headed out to Denver to spend Thanksgiving with my dads side of the family! It was so nice to get to see everyone and of course have another delicious Thanksgiving meal.  Ryan and I didn't do any black Friday shopping because we had no way of getting anything home.  We did however get online at midnight and got the rocking chair that we wanted for HALF OFF!!!! It was so great! We have had really great luck with our furniture, they always just happen to be on sale the week that we decide what we want!
At the end of our two week vacation we got back to our warm Arizona weather and decided to put up our Christmas tree and decorations.  It warms our whole apartment up and makes it feel more like a home! I love it!
Lastly, a quick baby update! I had an appointment on Monday and our little guy is growing great and everything is going well! Our due date was February 16, but our doctor is really great and is letting me get induced a week early because Ryan has finals during our due date! Tomorrow I will be 29 weeks and it is FLYING by!  I really can't wait for our little guy to be here, he moves like crazy and I love it! In two weeks we have our 3D ultrasound and I'm really excited to get a little clue at what he may look like! 

Thursday, November 3, 2011


So October came and went so quickly, it's crazy!! I'm not complaining because the quicker it goes the quicker Thanksgiving, Christmas and new baby Neeley come!  I'll give you a short and sweet update of what went on this month of monsters!
1. Birthday, already posted about it... but it's a pretty big deal so I will make mention of it again :)
2. Ryan's flag football team took second, yahoo! So sad it's over!
3. Went home to babysit Reecey while my parents were in Boston, loved it, I miss her face!
4. Halloween!! Ever since I got married, Halloween is 50 times better.  Because I get to think of a themed couple costume! This year Ryan decided that he wanted to be Nacho Libre, so that left me being the Nun, a little inappropriate that I was a pregnant Nun, but I just figured it added to the Halloween spirit!  I did decide to make our costumes this year... good idea? probably not,(I ended up looking a lot like a polygamist) I'm sure next year I will be going to the store and buying them.  Wayy easier and less stressful. 
5. The friends Halloween party at Candice and Troy's house.  So fun and always a night full of laughs.  Especially since our friend Conrad decided to be Kip from Napoleon Dynamite, and our other friend Dan was Mario, they were hilarious together!
6. A great Halloween party at my sister's house.  She went out of her way to make everything perfect!  She did an amazing job, and it was so great to see Jack, Colt and Nash in their costumes and of course in character, ha ha. 
7. Doctors appointment, which went well.  Uneventful, which is good I guess! The doctor, along with everyone else told me that I have just "popped" right out...uhh complement? Sure why not.  I'll take it.  When else would it be okay to get a belly and have it be a good thing? Never.
 8. Made our Thanksgiving plans, which I am so EXCITED for!! We are leaving the night Ryan finishes his finals, which is Nov. 11 and we don't get home until Nov. 27. We are going to Utah and staying with his family for a week, and then staying at my parents house for a few days, and then heading off to Denver with my family to my Grandparents house! I have two Baby showers when I'm home and I am so so excited and grateful for the people that are doing them and coming!
9.  Ryan has finals this next week, so this entire month has been dedicated to studying.
10. Lastly, took down the Halloween decorations and talked myself out of putting the Christmas tree up.  Instead I just listened to Christmas music all day!
That's it! October in a nutshell! Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Boredom & Late Night Study Sessions...

Annnd.... It's official.  I'm tired of not having a job or something to keep me busy during the day.  You can only deep clean so many times before you just don't need to anymore. There are only so many crafts you can do before you are crafted out for the month.  It hit me tonight after I had already re done the blog, cleaned up dinner, read some of a book and THOUGHT about going and walking on the treadmill... which I talked my self out of because it freaks me out to go anywhere this late at night, that I decided I need to come up with a hobby.  One that is inexpensive, easy and entertaining.  I would love any suggestions and any friends to do this new hobby along with.  Ryan has been studying at school until really late usually, but tonight he decided that he would study at home, which I love!
Tonight, while I was reading some other blogs I was hit with a paper airplane. I picked it up and found this....
(yes he knows he spelled "secret" wrong, can you tell he studies bodily functions all day???:))

I returned with this....
We keep each other pretty entertained..  
I love it.

Friday, October 14, 2011

22 Weeks!

 So this last Thursday I am offically
22 weeks prego!
I can't believe it has gone 
by so quickly!!
I am so excited to meet 
our little guy!
We are still struggling with 
finding a name for him.
Ryan is really picky which is good
because sometimes I 
forget that I am naming an actual
person, not a pet.
(which Ryan has to keep reminding me
with some of my ideas.)
It's so fun to finally know 
that we are going to have a little
because now I can shop for a
Which I have been doing a lot
of, clothes are so much
cuter when they are so small!
I keep thinking, 
"There is no way a real human could fit in something
this small!!"
I can't wait for him to come,
and to be a 


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Birthday!

So yesterday was my birthday and it was so great! I wouldn't have changed a thing about it! Except seeing Ryan more throughout the day! But it started great and ended even greater! 
It started with a wake up at 7:30, by Ryan saying that he was heading off for school, and to have a very happy birthday! So he left and I slept for another hour, then got a wake up call from Jack, Colt, Kindi and her in-laws singing me happy birthday! It was so great! Then we decided that they would come over and go swimming.  The weather yesterday was so nice, we couldn't help being out there for hours! 
After swimming, my sisters sweet mother in law decided that she wanted to take us to get massages for my birthday, and that was AMAZING!! It was the most relaxed I have been throughout my entire pregnancy.  Loved it. 
Then I went home and got ready for the night with Ryan! Ryan came home around 6 and gave me my gifts! He out did himself this year, he got me another massage, gift certificate to get some new shoes, an outfit and shoes for the little guy, some flowers and Lion King! Ha ha, Ryan and I are starting to collect Disney DVD's now so when our kids get old enough to watch them, we will already have it taken care of! 

We went to a pizza place down at an outdoor mall that we really love! We ate and did some shopping for the little guy, I love seeing Ryan pick clothes out for him, he goes crazy! It's so funny, Ryan just wants to get him sports clothes or something that buttons up! He is so sweet and cute!
Then on our way home we jammed to Justin Beebs because it was my birthday and then watched some Lion King! It was such a great day and I really can't wait until next year! I loved getting the calls and texts from family and friends, showing me they care and I really appreciate them! 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's a.....

Yep, we are having a little
(and may I add that he was not shy at all
to show us that he was a boy!)
 We are so so 
He has ten toes and
ten fingers and everything 
looks great!
He is even measuring a few days 
ahead of my orignal 
due date!
We are really looking forward
to meeting him,
and can't wait to see what he 
looks like! 
It is all more real to me now
that there really is 
a baby inside of me and
it's a little baby 
So happy!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Why ALL the Numbers?!

L to R: Rachel (9), Julie (6), Jenny (5), Me (4), Emily (3) & Jamie (2)
I will tell you why, because...
We are ALL pregnant!
That's right, all of my friends here in 
Arizona are expecting.
Rachel, who is holding up the 
#9, had her baby Tuesday
and then it just keeps 
going from 
6 months to 2 months!
I can't wait to have all the babies
around and for my 
little one to have so many friends!
Oh and P.S. 4 Days
until we find out what our bean is!
We cannot wait!!!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Is it September 27th Yet?!

Seriously though... is it?? The past five weeks have been the slowest moving weeks in my entire life! What is happening on the 27th you ask?? Ryan and I get to find out what our little bean is! A boy or a gir?!

At our last appointment I was 14 and 1/2 weeks and my doctor said that we could take a peek and see if we could tell.  So we went in and tried to look and the doctor said that it was 60/40 boy, but I honestly think he was doing that just because he knew that Ryan wants a boy.  Ha ha, but the ultrasound tech. said that it was 50/50 and she wouldn't say it was either! Which I'm happy for because I would have gotten excited either way! So now we have to wait for the 27th.
On a different note, the past couple of weeks have been so fun.  Ryan started his second year of Medical School.  And he loves it, just like he did last year.  He has already had a test and he did well on it, so we are off to a good start.  I always miss him when he starts back to school.  His schedule is crazy, and it's hard to get some time with him, but he always makes sure to spend some time every day with me.  He is such a great husband!
Last week my parents, grandparents, sister and baby Reece came down because Kindi and Adam blessed their newest little guy, Nash.  He is so stinkin cute, I seriously have never seen a baby with as much hair as he has.  And it sticks straight up, his new name is Rockadoodle. 

 He is so adorable.  It was so nice to have family down here over the holiday weekend and get to spend time with everyone.  I talked my mom into staying another four days which was really great! I told her she needed to stay for Jack's FOURTH birthday! I seriously cannot believe that he is four! I started babysitting him when he was 6 weeks old, and I swear time has flown by! I love that little guy!
 I get to go back to Utah on the 28th to watch little Reece for a week while my parents are out of town and Jenna works.  I can't wait! 
Another really exciting thing, is that my brother Max that is on a mission found out that he gets to come home four days before Christmas this year!! We are soo excited! He is going to come home to two new babies, and new brother in-law (Ryan, since we weren't married when he left) and a very pregnant me! Oh and a new and improved dad. Ha ha, my dad has suddenly become a biker guy and it is hilarious! He bought a new motorcycle and Max found out and said that he can't wait to see "our new dad!" So crazy! 
But that is really it for now, probably the next post will be when we find out what we are having, so until next time! 

Friday, August 12, 2011

One + One =


One!...not really, but in this case it does! That's right everyone, Ryan and I are expecting a little one February 16, 2012. We are so excited and can't believe it is really happening! I am 13 weeks along, and it hasn't been too bad.  No sickness (except for once), I'm pretty tired and that's really it.  I've heard this next trimester is when you feel the best, so I'm looking forward to it!
We hopefully get to find out what we are having at our next appointment, I feel like that's when it will be real to me, right now I still am in shock! I can't wait to meet this little one and start a whole new chapter in our lives!!

Here is a picture of the little bean at 9 1/2 weeks...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Calling all Blogs!

Okay so I haven't been able to add any 
new blogs onto my "blogging friends" list in like 3 months!
I finally got it to work so if you have 
invited us to your blog or would like to :) please leave
a comment and I will add you, because
I know there are a few out 
there that we have been invited to
but I can't remember the names
of the blogs! 
So if you could do that for us,
that would be great!
Happy Sunday!


So just about every other day I think to myself "oh I should blog about this!" do I ever follow through with it?? No, obviously.  I hate doing these types of posts where I am having to talk about 500 different events that have gone on because I can never just sit down and blog.  So I'm sorry but i'm going to have to do it, a quick run through of what has gone on in the past three weeks!

First, I went back home to Utah to meet my sister Jenna's baby! On May 2, Reece Lynn Wendler was born and she is seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen!  I met her when she was just a few days old and most of the time when babies are that new it's not so great. But I really could not get enough of her.  She is so so sweet and she is such a good baby.  I am so happy for the both of them! And may I say she is the best dressed baby I have ever met and I am hoping that some day I have a baby girl so I can get all the hand me downs! 

Secondly, I was home over Mothers day weekend and so what also comes with the joyful day of celebrating our lovely mothers, is getting to talk to Missionaries! Yahoo!  My brother Max is in the Dominican Republic and has been out for almost 17 months! It is always so fun to get to talk to him!  I love getting emails from him but a phone call is 1000 times better! When we called it was just me, my mom and Jenna and we had it on speaker phone and we were huddled around the phone.  It rang and rang and then he picked up and it gave me the chills when I heard him say "Hello!" I still get the chills!  It was so great talking to him! It was fun too because he was talking about how he needed my mom to get him registered for school and everything! It's so crazy how quickly time really has gone by! The next time we talk to him, he will be coming home in a week! Love it!!
Third, While I was home my friend Abby's sweet husband Josh threw her a surprise party for her graduation! It was so so fun to get together with all my friends again! I loved that we all were able to get together and just talk and laugh like we never left each other! I miss them so much and I can not wait to get together with them again!
Fourth, RYAN FINISHED HIS FIRST YEAR OF SCHOOL!! Hip Hip Hooray for him! And may I say I am a very proud wife! He is seriously such a hard worker and did amazing this year.  He did better then we both expected! He is now the Orthopedic Club President for next year and is already trying to do so much for it! I swear he is a different breed, he LOVES school and is the complete opposite of me when it comes to school work!  I hope the next 3 years go as fast as this year did, because this year was very do-able! 

Fifth, as I mentioned in an earlier post, Ryan and I had our anniversary this past April.  Well since Ryan was in school we really weren't able to go somewhere.  So I planned a trip to go out to Sedona to just get away and be with each other.  We headed up to Sedona the minute after Ryan finished school and we really enjoyed ourselves! It was so nice up there, it reminds me of home, with the mountains and all the beautiful scenery.  We stayed in a room that was perfect,  as soon as you walked in it smelled like the woods.  It had a great forest view and it even had a hot tub on the deck! Bonus! We were in heaven! Being in Arizona you seriously become an outdoorsmen.  You just can't help but be outside and love it! 

Sixth, Ryan and I have a new edition to our little family! No it's not a baby. We got a new car! We have been looking for awhile and my dad has been looking for us too in Utah, because oddly enough cars seem to be cheaper there! So I had been emailing my dad serval times a day with different cars for him to go and look at (he was such a good sport!) and Wednesday night we found one on KSL and I emailed it to my dad and he went and looked at it and really liked it! My dad is so picky about cars so this was a good sign! It's a 2007 silver honda accord (I know, we already have a silver accord, we are creatures of habit) and it only had 29,000 miles! It was a dream! So Ryan flew out to Utah the next morning and went and looked at it, had it inspected to make sure it wasn't too good to be true and it was perfect! He is still in Utah with the car and so I haven't even seen it yet but Ryan has already named it (Becky..I have no idea where he got that from!)so I'm guessing he loves it so I know I will love it too! I can't wait to see it!

That's it for now, I'm now making a goal for myself that I will blog more often so I don't have to do so many of these forever long posts! Have a great weekend and I will be back soon!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Coming Soon to my Shoe Collection....
Pure Delight,
Thank you Mother!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Anniversary To Us!!

So Ryan and I celebrated our first anniversary this Friday! And yes it was on the day of the Royal Wedding!  I did start my day off by skipping boot camp and watching the Royal Wedding instead...which by the way I really REALLY enjoyed! But anyway, Ryan had two tests that day and I had to work all day so it was kind of a bummer!  

But we decided that we would go to dinner that night and not worry too much about doing something great! Because we are going to Sedona the end of this month to celebrate!  We decided to go to dinner to our favorite place that happened to be on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. 
It's called Piazza Alfornos and it is DELICIOUS!!  We stuffed ourselves full of pizza and were very satisfied! Oh and I forgot to mention that the first anniversary is the "paper" anniversary so the gifts needed to be paper which worked out real nicely on account that we are on a medical students budget.  So we gave each other our gifts and may I say Ryan out did himself yet again!  I made him go first, he made me close my eyes and like a kid I tried to peek through my hands but it didn't do me any good because... Well he had a frame and he turned it around and it had a picture of Keith Urban taped to it!!! 
(This seriously was my face...not over doing it at all.)
 Oh man I was so excited!!! I found out that Keith Urban was coming here in January and I literally have not stopped talking about it since then! I had wanted tickets so bad anytime there was a time that a gift was due I made sure to mention Keith Urban!  It was so great because I really had not been expecting it at all!  I really thought it was a lost hope!  I am so so lucky to have such a great husband that does everything that he can to make me happy!  I love him!! And when I took the picture of Keith Urban off there was a picture from our wedding day and he had written on the picture mat all of his favorite memories from our first year of being married!  Oh man!  My gift was getting lamer and lamer by the second!  But I gave him this picture that I had made with a yellow bicycle built for two on it with our names and our wedding date on it.  The story behind it is that every year when we go to Newport with Ryan's family we rent that bike and every year we just happen to get the yellow bike, and that is the story behind it...lame I know compared to his gift but I did what I can!  
 When we got back from dinner we really love bringing the air mattress out and watching a movie and sleeping out in the living room.  But we didn't have a pump for the air mattress so Ry had the great idea of pulling our mattress from our bed out to the living room.  Great idea!! It may still be out in the living room....whoops!  But we pulled it out of our room and watched Tangled and fell asleep 15 minutes into it, which is typical for Ryan and I.  But it was such a great night and we really enjoyed ourselves!  

It has been such an amazing year and I remember everyone saying that the first year is the hardest, and I have loved every moment of it!  Ryan is such a great husband and I am so so lucky to have him!  He was the best choice I have every made in my entire life! I wouldn't trade a second of the past year for anything!  

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Break Please!!

Teacher Ryan

Hello! It's been awhile... as it usually is when i blog! But it's because not a whole lot has been going on.  Ryan has been so busy with school... tests Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Monday, Wednesday and last one Friday.  Serious. It's been insane.  But he has done really well so all his studying has paid off. 
Last weekend my mom and sister came to Arizona and it was so fun, Jenna is so prego and cute and just about to pop! She is less then a month away from her due date, but I don't know if she will make it the whole time.  She is having a little girl and naming her Reece.  I'm so excited to see the little thing, she is already so spoiled and she isn't even here yet!  

Student Jill
Kindi is having another little boy, she keeps saying her house is going to be full of smelly dirty boys, ha ha! I don't know if she will ever get a girl, and I'm hoping so because then when I have a girl I will get all of Jenna's awesome hand me downs! I'm keeping my fingers crossed! It's okay if Kindi keeps having boys, because she makes adorable boys!
Don't you just want to squeeze that face?!?
Ryan and I are so excited because in a few weeks we get to go to St. George for Easter weekend and spend it with his family.  We haven't seen most of his family since Christmas so it's been a long time! We are so looking forward to a little vacation.  Ever since we have been back from the Cruise we are not wanting to get back into the swing of things, we just want to be on vacation all the time.  If only...ha!  Also when we get back a week after that I get to go home and meet the new little Reece Lynn!  I'm really excited for that and I'm looking forward to getting to see my friends from home! I miss them!  I'm not looking forward to the weather, I'm hoping I'll maybe bring some sunshine home with me!  
I am starting a boot camp tomorrow and I am really nervous!  I hope it's really hard but i am also hoping I don't puke!  My body has a weird tendency to do that! ha ha I guess that means I'm out of shape!  I hope by the end I won't be doing that anymore and I'll have bulging muscles! Not really, but maybe!  
Anyway that's all for right now, I am going to try and be better at this blogging thing! Not making any promises though! Until next time!!
P.S. Sorry for the weird positioning and spacing on this post, I'm using Ryan's computer and I am apple illiterate. I hate it.