Friday, October 14, 2011

22 Weeks!

 So this last Thursday I am offically
22 weeks prego!
I can't believe it has gone 
by so quickly!!
I am so excited to meet 
our little guy!
We are still struggling with 
finding a name for him.
Ryan is really picky which is good
because sometimes I 
forget that I am naming an actual
person, not a pet.
(which Ryan has to keep reminding me
with some of my ideas.)
It's so fun to finally know 
that we are going to have a little
because now I can shop for a
Which I have been doing a lot
of, clothes are so much
cuter when they are so small!
I keep thinking, 
"There is no way a real human could fit in something
this small!!"
I can't wait for him to come,
and to be a 



  1. you are too cute, and I love all of the clothes you've gotten for little baby boy! They are all so so cute! You are going to be the best little mama around. :)

  2. Ya know the most common thing I hear when I introduce Molly to people is "I know a dog named Molly!". haha I never really know how to respond to that. "Oh cool..well this is my human baby...". I'm so so excited for your lil man! You will be the most adorable mom. And look at all those cute clothes you already have! Can't wait to go to your shower next month!xoxo