Wednesday, March 20, 2013

*Hudson's 1st Birthday Party*

Last Saturday we had a birthday party for Hudson.  It was a month after his birthday because we needed Ryan to be here! We decided to have a Monster Bash, it was so fun and cute! While my mom was here we made each party guest their own sock monster, with little bags for them to take them home in.  
We had it in the morning so we had different cereals with muffins, bagels and fruit.  We now have a 6 month supply of cereal, so if anyone wants some come on over! 
It turned out so fun, I was nervous that 

Hudson was going to have a melt down because he decided to wake up at 6 that morning and not go back to sleep... of course.  But he actually did so well! He loves being around kids, especially older ones.  The kids were outside playing soccer and he would just run after them trying to get the ball, it was so cute!  He is such a social kid.
I can't believe he is one, he seriously is the best little boy in the world.  I love him so so much and I can't be without him.  We are so lucky to have you little buddy!
Now get ready for a serious picture overload!
This is half the cereal that we have left...

everything orange, green and blue.

love that cute face

Party favor caramel/chocolate dipped pretzels 

Monster bags

Marshmallow monster eyeballs

some of the decorations

entry way

Hudson and dad

Me and my babes!
all the kids with their monsters

Monster cupcakes

Hudson and his cupcakes

Didn't love the cupcakes, which i knew he wouldn't.  that's why i didn't make him his own cake.

And this is how we found Hudson after his party, Kicking back and watching some TV.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hudson's 1st Birthday

Wow! Where did this last year go? I can't believe my baby boy is one.  I feel like it was yesterday that I was going into the hospital to have him. 
We had a very relaxing and fun day.  Hudson had been sick a couple days before his birthday and he still wasn't 100%.  
We were so excited that my mom was in town for it, she made it such a great day.  We were so sad that Ryan wasn't able to be here for it, he had a rotation in California.  My sister brought her boys down and we had a picnic at the park.  It was such a nice day, perfect birthday weather for my little buddy.  
We are going to have a birthday party in March for him since Ryan wasn't here.  We are so excited for it.  My mom and I worked away on crafts for the birthday party and I'm still getting everything together.

This last weekend Hudson and I met Ryan out in California for a nice weekend with our friends.  Our friends live out in Hermosa Beach and we had such a great time.  It is so fun to get together with our old friends! We miss them so much!