Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hudson Update

I have been so bad about blogging lately and I think about doing it almost weekly because Hudson is doing so many things that I just don't want to forget about. But something always comes up and keeps me from doing it.  So I am going to get some things down in writing so that I will remember them for much longer.

First, Hudson got his two bottom teeth at the beginning of October. They are just the cutest little things. He happened to get them a couple of days before we were going to Denver to visit my Grandma.  So it wasn't the best timing but that's alright.  While we were in Denver we had such a great time, although Hudson was grumpy most of the time he loved getting so much attention from my Grandma.  She was so sweet to him, she is in her 80's and she would get down on the ground with him and play with him and we both tried desperately to get him to start crawling, but he wouldn't, and he still won't.
Second, he is already nine months old.  It is so crazy to me that he is closer to being a year old then to being a newborn.  I swear I was pregnant yesterday and now all of a sudden I have a nine month old! He is the sweetest little buddy, I feel like he is in such a fun phase right now.  He has so much personality, he is constantly either yelling to get our attention and then just laughs at us when we look over or he is laughing and chattering away.  He still won't crawl, he gets up on his hands and knees and sticks one leg straight and then scoots himself a little and then sits on his bum and does this over and over until he gets to where he wants to be.  He is always pointing at our family picture and wants us to take him over to it and tell him who mama and dada and baby Hudson is.  He loves going out on walks and pointing at the trees and saying "ooo" like he is trying to tell us about the tree.  He is saying "Dada" and will occasionally throw in a "Mama" every once in awhile.  He did go through a little phase where when he would start to cry he would say "Mama, baba" and I would give him his
bottle and he would be fine.  It was so sweet!  Everything that he does just makes me smile! I never knew I could love a little baby so much! He has so many reasons to be grumpy (milk allergy, reflux) but he is seriously so happy all the time.  I've never had any problems with him having melt downs in public...(yet) and he is always smiling at people while holding his binky in his mouth at the same time.  He is such a strong little boy, he is solid, when I take him to the doctor she always mentions on how strong he is and that I will have a fun time changing his diapers when he gets older.  He has such a cute muscly little body!
Ryan and I are just enjoying Hudson and our life in Medical school.  We love our house and neighborhood.  Our ward is amazing, and we never want to leave.  We are playing with the idea of moving to Utah next year since Ryan will be gone 4-5 months of the year for audition rotations, but we aren't 100% sure.  Ryan is in his 3rd year of school and he is loving it more and more.

 The second year was defiantly the hardest, with board studying and having a new baby so it was nice to have a year like this.  I am just at home with Hudson and loving every second of it.  We are headed to Utah for thanksgiving for a weekend to spend it with the Neeleys.  We are looking forward to being with them. We are going to Hawaii for Christmas with my family this year.  Hudson and I are going for two weeks and Ryan is going to join us the last week in Maui.  We are so looking forward to it.  We are going from Hawaii to Utah to spend a couple days with family and then we will be headed back to Arizona.  One of my goals this next year is to be MUCH better at blogging! I hope I can do it! I hope everyone has a great Holiday season! Happy Holidays Everyone!!