Sunday, May 23, 2010

Being in the "Married Club" is Niice!

So this weekend Ryan and I decided to throw a little BBQ so we could get together with some friends! I haven't seen some of my friends since our wedding three and a half weeks ago. So we had Josh and Abby come out and Jenny, Spencer and baby Gray. It is so weird to me that we are
all married and Jenny has a baby. I love it, we have all taken that next step in life (Nicole soon to join:)). Being married is really the greatest, it helps that I have the best husband ever, who is the greatest at helping and even better at being sweet! But anyway, we had them come clear out to Draper and had some dinner and just talked and caught up with each other. I love my friends and their spouses and kids, they really are so great, I'm sad to move away from them, but Arizona is close so they can always come and visit..hint hint! ha ha. We then watched some Brian Regan, and he may or may not be the most hilarious person to watch ever. His expressions are so funny it makes the whole show. Jenny and Spencer had never seen it and it was ten times better to watch it with them because they thought it was so funny!
Some other news, Ryan and I got called to be Temple Prep teachers in our ward. Today we taught our first lesson and I felt like it went really well. I am nervous for this calling because I have only been to the temple a few times, but I'm excited to learn right along with everyone else. We also are planning our trip to Arizona this weekend to go and look for a place to live down there. It's starting to hit me that we really are moving away and I get the nervous/excited butterflies every time I think about it! I'm really glad that I will have my sister just a few minutes away from me so I won't be alone all the time while Ryan is in school.
Ryan is starting to get really excited to start school. He is going to Midwestern University in Glendale AZ, which is a D.O. medical school. I'm so excited that he has chosen to go to a D.O. school because it looks at the body as a whole, instead of just the symptom. They learn manipulative movements on certain parts of the body to fix other things. They don't just give you medicine for something that may or may not be wrong. I'm really, really excited for him to start!
That's really it for this week. It was a crazy week with everything going on and I'm hoping this week will be a little less crazy! We'll see I guess!

Monday, May 10, 2010

AND... We're Back!

Wow what a CRAZY month April was! April came and it went, but man was it the best month ever! It started with bridal showers every weekend, where people were way too generous! Ryan and I had a gift opening party this last weekend and people are so nice. We have such amazing people in our lives that are so kind and giving. After the showers and such we GOT HITCHED! Woo for us! I've always been told that being married is "so great!" and "it's the best thing ever!"...I do have to admit that it is pretty awesome! I have loved it so far, I have been on a break from school and I don't ever want to go back because I love our life here just doing nothing but opening gifts and cards all day long with Ry Guy. But I guess we have to get back to real life some day, I just wish it didn't come so fast!

We got married on the one d
ay in April that it snowed so hard it was a white out at points.. if there is one person in Utah that HATES snow it is me. I hate being cold and I feel like I am constantly cold if it is lower then 75 degrees outside. But we obviously had done something right because when we got out of the temple, the snow had stopped and we were able to get some great pictures! That day was the best day, it was such a special day that Ryan and I will always remember. We had our reception later that night and it turned out great too! I didn't worry and everything went as smooth as possible!

We then decided to Honeymoon to "The Happiest Place on Earth!" Disney World!! We had a different park/water park every day! Ryan had a brilliant idea to get a pass that included all the water parks and all the Disney parks too! It was so fun to just be together and go on every ride twice and maybe more on some of the others.. Our hotel was close to all the parks so that was so nice. While we were there we went to sacrament meeting on Sunday morning and then headed over to the Orlando Temple and walked around the grounds. It was so beautiful! The grounds there are so different from the ones that we are used to here in Utah. There are palm trees, and all sorts of things we couldn't ever grow here. It was a great week!

Since we have been back we have been busy busy! We are living in Draper in Ryan's parents basement which is a great set up! We have been so grateful to his parents for letting us come and live here for the couple months that we are here! We have been organizing, cleaning and loving every minute of it! I love that Ryan is such a great cleaner! It helps so much to have him around! Love him! We also got to go up to my parents house on Sunday to talk to my brother who in on a mission in the Dominican Republic. He has only been gone for four months and it really feels like he has been gone for years! I miss that little guy! He sounds like he is loving it. When i asked if he was liking it he said "It's really hard, but I love it!" I loved hearing that from him! I feel like that is how a mission should be, hard, but so worth it. I'm so proud of him and Ryan and I miss him and love him like crazy!

Anyway, this was my first official post~ I hope you enjoyed it!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Our Wedding Pictures!

This is a slideshow that our AMAZING photographer Terra Cooper put together for us. If you are looking for a photographer for anything she is seriously so good and so fun and easy to work with! We loved her!