Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hudson's birth Story

So lately I have thought over and over how I need to write down Hudsons birth story before I forget it, but I just Keep putting it off. Tonight while I was blog stalking I read someones birth story and that was my sign! So I'm doing it...four months later... So it all started when I first found out our 'due date' February 16. Sounded great to me but not so great to Ryan. That was right in the middle of his finals weeks which would NOT work out for either of us. He would need to be taking tests and I would need him with me every second. So we talked to our doctor, who was the best by the way and he totally understood and told us we could go a week early. I was so excited because that happened to fall on the 9th which is my Grandpas birthday. So fast forward 9 month to a week before while I was at my last doctors appointment when they gave me the instructions on what to do feb. 8. Call at seven that night, tell them you are going to be induced and they will tell you if you can come in or not. Sounded grea to me. So on the 8th I called in right at 7 told them what I needed to and they told me "all the rooms are full right now so we will call you in a couple of hours maybe" Uhh what?? No no no they told me the 8th and I am coming in the 8th and having this baby on the 9th. It was the plan, I do not go away from the plan! My Mom flew in on the 8th so she could help me for 10 days, I'm not going to waste one of those presious days of help! Well too bad for me I was up all night waiting for their call. 5 o'clock rolls around and still nothing, so I think 'oh they must have forgotten that I called in, I'll give them another call!' well they were annoyed with me and said 'we will call you, don't worry' so 10 o'clock rolls around still nothing, so Ryan calls them and they tell him the same thing and he kindly explains that he has a test that he needs to go and take but doesn't know if he should go because he doesn't want to miss this. So the lady tells him 'don't go and take it, things are starting to clear out here' YES! Victory! I was going in that day... I thought! well the lady calls us and says 'there is not any room for you guys today and usually we have you come in the next day but your doctor is going out of town for the weekend so you will have to call Sunday and try again' DAHH are you serious??? I wanted to punch someone, but there was nothing I could do so I just sat there and cried by myself and felt sorry for myself. Waa waa waaaaa So I was told to do the same thing Sunday night, so I ate a nice big dinner sunday night because you can't eat during the whole birth process and I just knew I was going in! We were all over at Kindis house eating and chatting and anxiously waiting for 7 to roll around, well at about 6:30 I got a call fromt he hospital telling me I could come in and to be there in an hour! Uh holy crap are you serious? I threw my hands up and yelled 'I'm goin in!!' I felt so freaked out/nervous/anxious and excited. Ryan and I quickly went home to get our stuff and then rushed over to the hospital. On the way there I was silent, when i get nervous or scared I don't freak out I just get really quiet. Except for when we were pulling out of our apartment I had a small break down thinking about how I wasn't going to be pregnant anymore and not getting to have the little guy inside of me and getting to feel him kick. But that quickly went away when I realized that I was going to have a baby soon! Eeek! When we got to the hospital we got all checked in and went to our room (Room 14 I believe) I remember laying there just looking around waiting for the nurse to come in and get everything started and just feeling like this was not really happening! We were going to have our little guy here soon! Our nurse came in expalined everything to me what was going to happen, how everything worked and so on. I then got the dreadful, seriously the worst IV I have ever had. That was seriously the worst part of the entire process! I about passed out when she was doing it. Worst thing ever. So she checked me after she did that and I was at a 1. It seemed like it was going to be a long long process. She started me on the pitocin and I wasn't having any pain. She at one point asked if I felt the last contraction and I hadn't felt anything. I was thinking that this was going to be great! So she checked me a couple hours later and I was at a 4, I was starting to feel a little pain and she said that she could give me something that would help take the 'edge' off of the contractions, so I said sure. For some reason I didn't want to get the epidural yet because I was scared it would wear off or something. The stuff she gave me, made me soooo loopy! I hated it, it instantly knocked me out but I was thinking like a million things a second and I would think that I would forget to breath so I would take these huge deep quick breaths and I felt like I was going to swallow my tongue. It was so freaky! They had to then give me oxygen because something dropped or I don't know really why. All I know is I woke up and the doctor was there to break my water and it was 7. So he broke my water and I fell back to sleep. I got woken up again by my new nurse saying that if I wanted to get an epidural I needed to say now because the doctor that does them was going in to do a bunch of c-sections and I wouldn't be able to get it for a couple of hours. So I said yes, because there was no way I was going to wait hours for him while I could be in serious pain! So he came about an hour later, he was so amazing! I loved him, Ryan being in medical school had about a thousand questions and he was so nice to talk to him about everything. They don't let the husbands hold you up anymore when you get your epidural so you have to lean on the nursek, and Ryan was just back there watching him do the epidural and just chattin away, which helped SO much! It took my mind of the whole needle in the back thing tha was gonig on. So I was just leaning on the nurse while the doctor explained everything that he was doing. He told me at one point that I would feel a zing through my legs and I totally did and I kicked the nurse pretty hard! I was dying! I couldn't beleive I did that, but he kind of warned her right? After I got my epidural I fell right back to sleep and they put this huge peanut shaped ball between my legs to help the process go quicker which it did. She rotated me a few times from side to sideand then at 2 she checked me and I was at a 10! I was feeling grea! She said she would call the doctor and we could start pushing in about and hour! I did start to feel some pain in my side so she gave me some more of the good stuff through the epidural, which she told me to push the button only twice and I'm pretty sure I pushed it every ten minutes for an hour. I was feeling good! :) We called my mom and she came down and shortly after she came we started to push. I pushed for about 3o minutes and the dooctor came in and we kept going. One thing that I loved about our doctor was he let Ryan deliver the baby. So when the doctor came in he asked Ryan if he was ready, had him suit up, gave him a few tips and we got started again. I pushed about three more times and the next thing I knew little Hudson was laying right on me! It was so amazing! I could not believe we had done it! He was here! Healthy and strong! I heard his sweet little cry and couldn't help myself from just getting the biggest smile on my face! I didn't cry which I thought I would, I was just so happy I just sat there with a smile on my face! It was the most unreal, amazing experience I have ever had in my entire life. I honestly would do it a thousand times because the feeling that you have is just amazing! I can't wait to do it agian....I can wait though ha ha. Ryan made me a slide show for mothers day of all the pictures from the hospital and it makes me remember all the feelings that I had that day and now I'm so happy I have it written down. Sorry that it was so long, this post was really for myself:)