Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Boredom & Late Night Study Sessions...

Annnd.... It's official.  I'm tired of not having a job or something to keep me busy during the day.  You can only deep clean so many times before you just don't need to anymore. There are only so many crafts you can do before you are crafted out for the month.  It hit me tonight after I had already re done the blog, cleaned up dinner, read some of a book and THOUGHT about going and walking on the treadmill... which I talked my self out of because it freaks me out to go anywhere this late at night, that I decided I need to come up with a hobby.  One that is inexpensive, easy and entertaining.  I would love any suggestions and any friends to do this new hobby along with.  Ryan has been studying at school until really late usually, but tonight he decided that he would study at home, which I love!
Tonight, while I was reading some other blogs I was hit with a paper airplane. I picked it up and found this....
(yes he knows he spelled "secret" wrong, can you tell he studies bodily functions all day???:))

I returned with this....
We keep each other pretty entertained..  
I love it.

Friday, October 14, 2011

22 Weeks!

 So this last Thursday I am offically
22 weeks prego!
I can't believe it has gone 
by so quickly!!
I am so excited to meet 
our little guy!
We are still struggling with 
finding a name for him.
Ryan is really picky which is good
because sometimes I 
forget that I am naming an actual
person, not a pet.
(which Ryan has to keep reminding me
with some of my ideas.)
It's so fun to finally know 
that we are going to have a little
because now I can shop for a
Which I have been doing a lot
of, clothes are so much
cuter when they are so small!
I keep thinking, 
"There is no way a real human could fit in something
this small!!"
I can't wait for him to come,
and to be a 


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Birthday!

So yesterday was my birthday and it was so great! I wouldn't have changed a thing about it! Except seeing Ryan more throughout the day! But it started great and ended even greater! 
It started with a wake up at 7:30, by Ryan saying that he was heading off for school, and to have a very happy birthday! So he left and I slept for another hour, then got a wake up call from Jack, Colt, Kindi and her in-laws singing me happy birthday! It was so great! Then we decided that they would come over and go swimming.  The weather yesterday was so nice, we couldn't help being out there for hours! 
After swimming, my sisters sweet mother in law decided that she wanted to take us to get massages for my birthday, and that was AMAZING!! It was the most relaxed I have been throughout my entire pregnancy.  Loved it. 
Then I went home and got ready for the night with Ryan! Ryan came home around 6 and gave me my gifts! He out did himself this year, he got me another massage, gift certificate to get some new shoes, an outfit and shoes for the little guy, some flowers and Lion King! Ha ha, Ryan and I are starting to collect Disney DVD's now so when our kids get old enough to watch them, we will already have it taken care of! 

We went to a pizza place down at an outdoor mall that we really love! We ate and did some shopping for the little guy, I love seeing Ryan pick clothes out for him, he goes crazy! It's so funny, Ryan just wants to get him sports clothes or something that buttons up! He is so sweet and cute!
Then on our way home we jammed to Justin Beebs because it was my birthday and then watched some Lion King! It was such a great day and I really can't wait until next year! I loved getting the calls and texts from family and friends, showing me they care and I really appreciate them!