Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's a.....

Yep, we are having a little
(and may I add that he was not shy at all
to show us that he was a boy!)
 We are so so 
He has ten toes and
ten fingers and everything 
looks great!
He is even measuring a few days 
ahead of my orignal 
due date!
We are really looking forward
to meeting him,
and can't wait to see what he 
looks like! 
It is all more real to me now
that there really is 
a baby inside of me and
it's a little baby 
So happy!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Why ALL the Numbers?!

L to R: Rachel (9), Julie (6), Jenny (5), Me (4), Emily (3) & Jamie (2)
I will tell you why, because...
We are ALL pregnant!
That's right, all of my friends here in 
Arizona are expecting.
Rachel, who is holding up the 
#9, had her baby Tuesday
and then it just keeps 
going from 
6 months to 2 months!
I can't wait to have all the babies
around and for my 
little one to have so many friends!
Oh and P.S. 4 Days
until we find out what our bean is!
We cannot wait!!!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Is it September 27th Yet?!

Seriously though... is it?? The past five weeks have been the slowest moving weeks in my entire life! What is happening on the 27th you ask?? Ryan and I get to find out what our little bean is! A boy or a gir?!

At our last appointment I was 14 and 1/2 weeks and my doctor said that we could take a peek and see if we could tell.  So we went in and tried to look and the doctor said that it was 60/40 boy, but I honestly think he was doing that just because he knew that Ryan wants a boy.  Ha ha, but the ultrasound tech. said that it was 50/50 and she wouldn't say it was either! Which I'm happy for because I would have gotten excited either way! So now we have to wait for the 27th.
On a different note, the past couple of weeks have been so fun.  Ryan started his second year of Medical School.  And he loves it, just like he did last year.  He has already had a test and he did well on it, so we are off to a good start.  I always miss him when he starts back to school.  His schedule is crazy, and it's hard to get some time with him, but he always makes sure to spend some time every day with me.  He is such a great husband!
Last week my parents, grandparents, sister and baby Reece came down because Kindi and Adam blessed their newest little guy, Nash.  He is so stinkin cute, I seriously have never seen a baby with as much hair as he has.  And it sticks straight up, his new name is Rockadoodle. 

 He is so adorable.  It was so nice to have family down here over the holiday weekend and get to spend time with everyone.  I talked my mom into staying another four days which was really great! I told her she needed to stay for Jack's FOURTH birthday! I seriously cannot believe that he is four! I started babysitting him when he was 6 weeks old, and I swear time has flown by! I love that little guy!
 I get to go back to Utah on the 28th to watch little Reece for a week while my parents are out of town and Jenna works.  I can't wait! 
Another really exciting thing, is that my brother Max that is on a mission found out that he gets to come home four days before Christmas this year!! We are soo excited! He is going to come home to two new babies, and new brother in-law (Ryan, since we weren't married when he left) and a very pregnant me! Oh and a new and improved dad. Ha ha, my dad has suddenly become a biker guy and it is hilarious! He bought a new motorcycle and Max found out and said that he can't wait to see "our new dad!" So crazy! 
But that is really it for now, probably the next post will be when we find out what we are having, so until next time!