Sunday, January 30, 2011

One year down, one to go!

This is just a little slide show that I put together of the pictures that Max has sent us so far! He has been gone an entire year! We can't believe it! We miss him so much, but we are so happy he is doing what he is! We love him! Enjoy!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

When Life Gives you Lemons....Make Lemon Juice!!

Today, I had a little extra time (finally!) So 
what did I do you ask???
I made Lemon Juice!
My friend Jamie gave Ryan and I some
lemons a little bit ago that they picked from the 
Midwestern campus!
So I have been wondering what I could do with them, so 
while my mom was here she said that I could make some lemon 
juice.  Apparently you can freeze it and it will
keep for a while! So we have
a juicer that is amazing,
I juiced 7 lemons
and it made a perfect little baggie full of juice!
I'm so excited to try it! I just need to find
something to try it on!
(So what that I went hiking in these clothes and then stayed in them for hours!)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Have I ever told you that I have the best husband in the world?? Well I do.

So this post was not brought on by something that Ryan did or anything like that.  It just became clear to me that the above title is totally and completely 100% true. I will tell you why!  Last night at 1:00 am Ryan and I were getting into bed after another long study session, and we just started to talk.
We started to talk about when we first started dating, and how for both of us it was so different.  We both had heard several times from numerous people that when you find the one person it's just "different"...what is it?? We didn't know until we started to date.  Soo mushy I know, but I don't care.  We just talked and talked about our whole relationship, like when we first met, our first kiss, our first date, our first everything.
It was so fun to think back on those times and remember random stuff and just laugh and laugh!  We talked until 2:30 and I could have talked for another 2 hours but Ry had to get up in 3 hours.  And then again tonight I was just thinking about our first date and how much I owe my friend Nicole! Here is the quick version of our first date! It was the greatest first date and also my last!
Ryan and I started dating because of our wonderful friend Nicole Fowler (now Frei!) She showed Ryan some pictures of our trip that we took to Europe from our senior trip.  He was interested and so she called me to ask if I was dating anyone. I was at the time so he got put on the back burner.  But then Ryan added me on facebook and I saw his pictures and I thought he was a total babe ;) but seriously I did. After that I became a free woman and we started to text randomly and he would call me on the phone and I would always get so nervous.  The poor guy tried to ask me on dates and I would say yes and then at the last minute I would cancel...because I was nervous!  But after 3 months I decided I should just get up the courage and just do it.  So I text him and set up the next date. He now has told me that he totally was done trying with me and he wasn't going to call me anymore and then I called him! Fate;)  But we went on our first date and it was so fun! We went to Trafaliga and to dinner and then we went to his apartment and went longboarding around provo!  It was so fun, I just remember thinking that he looked so manly and that I had never dated someone that looked so mature and manly;) But after our date I text and called Nicole (or Nikki as Ryan and ONLY Ryan calls her! ha ha) and I told her it was so great and thanked her so much, and apparently Ryan did the same thing! I couldn't wait for him to call me to go on another date!  
So the point of me telling you about our first date is because it really is a miracle that I remember it like I do.  If anyone knows me you know that I have to WORST memory of anyone that you know or will meet.  But for some reason everything that Ryan and I have done in the past 3 years is like it just happened yesterday!  He has made and makes every day the greatest day for me!  He really is an answer to all my prayers growing up asking to find someone that truly makes me happy and makes me a better person.  He really is my better half and I am so grateful for him.  He is an amazing best friend and even better husband!   I really feel like the luckiest person ever! He makes me laugh more then anyone and that is so important to me! He is always so positive and the hardest worker I know!  I love that guy!! 

I'm sorry if this post was a little much for anyone but I just wanted to make sure everyone knows how I feel about my husband and how great I think he is!  Have a fabulous weekend!

Happily Ever After!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yahoo I have a new J-O-B!

It's official... I am again employed!  I had an interview today at Desert Schools Credit Union here in Arizona.  I was a little worried because this week I have a bad cold/ cough.  Sue me that this morning I apparently coughed a little too hard and gagged. Ha ha I'll admit I may have been being a little dramatic, I think it was my nerves getting to me.  But anyway, I had my interview and I felt like it went pretty well, I was really excited to get this interview in the first place because my last job at Mountain America was hands down, my favorite job of all time! And this is kind of the same job but a step up from my old job as a teller.  So I was driving home and they called me and told me that I got the job! I was so excited, I feel like I have been having the worst luck with things lately and this just turned my luck around!  A great thing too is that its a part time job and it's only 7 minutes away from our house!  So I will still have time to do crafts with my friends

Something that I am really looking forward to this next week is my Mom is coming to town!! I know I was just with my whole family a few weeks ago for Christmas but I love when family comes out here! And my sweet Grandma Wendler is coming out the day after my mom comes! It's going to be so amazing! I really have such a great family (if you didn't already know;)) so I get so excited when I get to be with them! It's going to be a great weekend next week! 
 Ryan is studying like crazy right now, he is going to have lots of tests in the next couple of weeks because we are coming up on the end of the quarter.  He is doing really well in school right now (and has been the whole time).  He loves school! He really comes home every day after school just so excited to tell me about everything that he learned that day! I'm so happy he is doing something that he really will love.  
Even though we/Ry has been pretty busy we have found plenty of time this week to get together with friends.  We got together (last) Monday for Ryan's birthday at our apartment and had crepes with every topping you could imagine and homemade ice cream!  It was delicious, we also followed up the crepe eating with some serious rounds of Dance Revolution on Kinect.  We also got together for our friend Rachel's birthday.  We had a night full of games, snacks and chatting into the late night hours.  Then lastly we got together of course for the BCS bowl.  Ryan and I drove past the stadium on Sunday and it was pretty dead, but it was fun to see all the setting up that was going on and we even heard some band practicing.  We didn't know who it was though. But the party was fun even though our Ducks didn't win :(  

That's all for now, sorry for the random updates and facts thrown in there all unorganized like.  Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas, New years and Ryan's Birthday!

It's been awhile since I've done an acutal post.  I just haven't been able to get myself to do it.  But there has been some fun happenings including christmas that are worth talking about!

First, Christmas.  Christmas this year was really fun.  It was Ryan and I's first Christmas being married, third being together.  We decided to drive home this time, which turned out to be bad news.  The drive up was terrible, it snowed so much.  It took us an extra four hours to get to Utah. Man that was the longest four hours of my life! It was nice that I had Ryan there to entertain me though, with his singing of course!  When we got to Utah we had many things planned that we wanted to do.  
Highlights included: going to a Christmas Party that Nicole and Blair put together.  It was so fun to see everyone, I miss my friends so much! I want them to come down here all the time.  Next we went to the temple lights with our friends Dave and Becca, they were amazing as usual.  We of course went bowling on Christmas Eve with the Neeley's.  And then Christmas! It was so fun to spend Christmas Morning with Ryans family and then be able to go to my parents house.  One thing that we were able to do was talk to my brother on his mission.  It was so great!  He was so funny, everytime he would talk to my sisters he would start awkwardly giggling! He sounded so great, I miss him so much.  It was much harder to say goodbye this time.  I could tell it was hard for him because he said to me "I hate this part" in a shakey voice, and last time he didn't say that.  Right when he said that I just turned into the biggest baby! I miss that guy, I'm so proud of him!  

Ryan's birthday plate!

For Christmas/Ryan's Birthday I decided to give him the XBox Kinect.  It's so fun to play, I got him (but really me) the Zumba Fitness game.  Playing that I realized how uncoordinated I am.  It was embaressing.  I hope I get some of my coordination back playing it! Ryan always gives me the best gifts and they are things that he really puts thought into it! I love him for that. 
For New Years Eve we were driving home.  We wanted to beat the bad weather, which we thankfully did.  The drive back to Arizona was much better, and I was so happy!  We got to Arizona around 11 so we hooked up the blu-ray player and watched a movie.  We really enjoyed ourselves!

January 1st is Ryan's birthday.  Fun fact about Ryan is that in 1984 he was the first baby born in Utah! 14 seconds after midnight! He was even in the newspaper! So I married someone famous:)  

We began the morning with one of his favorite meals, breakfast burritos and then went to our primary activity and then went to lunch!  He then came home and hit the books for the rest of the night!  Kind of crumby that he has to study on his birthday, but I guess since it is one of his favorite things to do he had a pretty good birthday!  

Lastly,  Ryan got me a new program for my cricut so I can now literally make anything that you could imagine!  So if you want something let me know!  I am also going to start making the most adorable fabric crowns, they are perfect for little birthday girls and they can even have their initial on the front!  
For real lastly, Ryan and I's photographer Terra Cooper is going to be on Good Things Utah at 10am this Monday, and she is bringing one of our pictures, watch her! She is so great and if you are looking for a photographer for anything have her do it! She is amazing!

 That's all! I hope you all have a great week! 
Here I am trying to do Zumba, you can see how 
uncoordinated I have become!