Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas, New years and Ryan's Birthday!

It's been awhile since I've done an acutal post.  I just haven't been able to get myself to do it.  But there has been some fun happenings including christmas that are worth talking about!

First, Christmas.  Christmas this year was really fun.  It was Ryan and I's first Christmas being married, third being together.  We decided to drive home this time, which turned out to be bad news.  The drive up was terrible, it snowed so much.  It took us an extra four hours to get to Utah. Man that was the longest four hours of my life! It was nice that I had Ryan there to entertain me though, with his singing of course!  When we got to Utah we had many things planned that we wanted to do.  
Highlights included: going to a Christmas Party that Nicole and Blair put together.  It was so fun to see everyone, I miss my friends so much! I want them to come down here all the time.  Next we went to the temple lights with our friends Dave and Becca, they were amazing as usual.  We of course went bowling on Christmas Eve with the Neeley's.  And then Christmas! It was so fun to spend Christmas Morning with Ryans family and then be able to go to my parents house.  One thing that we were able to do was talk to my brother on his mission.  It was so great!  He was so funny, everytime he would talk to my sisters he would start awkwardly giggling! He sounded so great, I miss him so much.  It was much harder to say goodbye this time.  I could tell it was hard for him because he said to me "I hate this part" in a shakey voice, and last time he didn't say that.  Right when he said that I just turned into the biggest baby! I miss that guy, I'm so proud of him!  

Ryan's birthday plate!

For Christmas/Ryan's Birthday I decided to give him the XBox Kinect.  It's so fun to play, I got him (but really me) the Zumba Fitness game.  Playing that I realized how uncoordinated I am.  It was embaressing.  I hope I get some of my coordination back playing it! Ryan always gives me the best gifts and they are things that he really puts thought into it! I love him for that. 
For New Years Eve we were driving home.  We wanted to beat the bad weather, which we thankfully did.  The drive back to Arizona was much better, and I was so happy!  We got to Arizona around 11 so we hooked up the blu-ray player and watched a movie.  We really enjoyed ourselves!

January 1st is Ryan's birthday.  Fun fact about Ryan is that in 1984 he was the first baby born in Utah! 14 seconds after midnight! He was even in the newspaper! So I married someone famous:)  

We began the morning with one of his favorite meals, breakfast burritos and then went to our primary activity and then went to lunch!  He then came home and hit the books for the rest of the night!  Kind of crumby that he has to study on his birthday, but I guess since it is one of his favorite things to do he had a pretty good birthday!  

Lastly,  Ryan got me a new program for my cricut so I can now literally make anything that you could imagine!  So if you want something let me know!  I am also going to start making the most adorable fabric crowns, they are perfect for little birthday girls and they can even have their initial on the front!  
For real lastly, Ryan and I's photographer Terra Cooper is going to be on Good Things Utah at 10am this Monday, and she is bringing one of our pictures, watch her! She is so great and if you are looking for a photographer for anything have her do it! She is amazing!

 That's all! I hope you all have a great week! 
Here I am trying to do Zumba, you can see how 
uncoordinated I have become!


  1. haha! Jill I just love you. Seriously. I'm glad you guys had a fun break! I missed you! And Happy Birthday Ryan!! I'm glad we get to celebrate some more later. :)

  2. cute post!I wish i could have been there last night! Also, that is a cool fact about Ryan's claim to fame! See you soon!

  3. Jill you are so dang cute! I love all your crafty things you are coming up with... can we say IMPRESSIVE?! love it. love you. the end.