Sunday, November 28, 2010

Home again Home again!

Well after the three week trip to Utah we are finally back to Arizona our now home!  I went down to Utah for a week on my own because Ryan had finals, so i thought it would be better for him if I wasn't here.  So I spent the week at my parents house and it was great to be back! Ryan took his finals and did well on them so I guess me not being there paid off in the end! My week was spent being with my family, going shopping, laying around and just being kind of lazy.  I would occasionally get some exercise in but not too much! After all, I was technically on vacation! I went to my sister in laws wedding shower which was fun because I hadn't seen any of them since we moved here!  It was so fun to see all my little nieces and nephews, it's so crazy to me how quick they change! I love them! They are all so sweet! Ryan and I are really lucky when it comes to having sweet little nieces and nephews! 
Ryan came after all of his finals and that's when the craziness started!  That week we had two weddings, two receptions, two luncheons and four temple visits! My cousin Kirsti got married and Ryan's sister got married.  They both married amazing guys, but those guys are SOo lucky, they are both so sweet and kind they will make the best wives! All the wedding stuff was so crazy but it just made me remember how much I loved getting married and how much fun it has been! Ryan and I have been married 7 months and time has gone so fast!  I have never had such a blast with one person in my entire life! 

The next week was Thanksgiving week and I knew that was going to be so fun, because we were able to stay with Ryan's family and we had Thanksgiving dinner with all of his sisters and brother and their spouses.  Even the newlyweds made it back in time!  I never really have been the type to sit and really think about everything that I am thankful for but this year I have so much to be thankful for it was hard not to realize how lucky I am.  I'll give you a short list of the many things I am grateful for:

 MY HUSBAND!  Holy cow I am lucky to have him, he really is the best husband I could ever imagine.  Even with going to school and having such a crazy schedule he still is amazing.  He really makes sure that he makes time for me and I appreciate it so much. He makes me laugh more then anyone I know. I love that about him! It is always such a good time when I'm with him! Another thing is that he is always willing to help me with anything!  He loves being there to help and I love it! I really could go on and on about the things that I love and appreciate him for, but it would be too long, and probably too mushy for everyone!  He really is the best and I am so lucky to have him!
My Family!  My family is the best! I have gotten so close to both my mom and dad the past few years.  I never realized how much they do for me and my brother and sisters.  My dad is the most selfless person I have ever met, he does everything to make sure everyone has what they need.  He is the first to volunteer to help people when they are in need.  My mom, wow she is an amazing lady! She is the sweetest, most kind person you will ever meet.  She has such a good heart, she is the best example to me.  The combo of my mom and dad is unreal! They are amazing.  My sisters, they are the best! Having my sister Kindi down here in Arizona has helped me so much, she is like my second mom, love her! Jenna is just like my mom, she has the sweetest heart. 

She has the personality that people know that she cares about them. She makes sure she is always kind and I love that about her.  Oh man and my only and youngest baby brother! He is on his mission right now, and I miss him like crazy but I'm so proud of him!  He is amazing, he really is I'm not just saying that. He is so sweet and he has changed so much being on his mission (for the better :)) I love him!  And Adam, he has been a good addition to the family, he adds a little spice to the family! He has his sense of humor that makes everyone laugh.  Jack and Colty bug, I consider them to be my kids! I love them so much, they make me smile every time I think of them! I love getting to watch them grow up and be the cutest little boys I know! 
I'm so grateful for my in-laws too.  Tony and Marsha have been amazing at making me feel welcome in their family.  I married into such an amazing family.  My sister in-laws are all so sweet and kind.  
They are so fun to be around.  Jackson is so sweet, he really has a heart of giant.  He is so thoughtful.  My brother in laws are so funny and always make me laugh and enjoy the time that I am around them.  Like i said before my little nieces and nephews are so cute and I hope to have kids as cute and sweet as all of them. 

My friends! Both my friends in Utah and my newest friends in Arizona!  My friends in Utah I have had for as long as I can remember.  They have been such great influences on me.  They really have made me who I am today.  I had the best times with them and they also have been there for me in bad times!  I love being able to see them when I go back home!  My newest friends in Arizona are great!  It has been so easy to make best friends here because we are all in the same boat and we all know how it is to have a husband in medical school.  I know I have made friends here that I will have throughout my life.  

I am also thankful that everyone is healthy and strong!  It really is so nice not to have to worry about anyone being sick.  We really are so blessed to have our health and strength.  

I really feel so lucky to have everything that I have and am so grateful for them all!   Sorry that list was much longer then I anticipated!  Sue me for having so many things to be grateful for.  I rather have a long list then a short one I guess!  But I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break like we did and I hope everyone is getting ready for Christmas like I am! Our Christmas tree is up and I'm waiting for my black Friday decoration purchases to come in the mail.. I had to ship them because I had no room in my suitcase!  It's like I'm waiting for a Christmas miracle to come in the mail!  I can't wait to decorate the tree and have it look like Father Christmas threw up on my tree!  I love over doing the decorations!  Can't wait! I'll post a picture as soon as it's done! Happy Christmas Season Everyone!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween Games on YouTube!

So I never mentioned this, but on Halloween all of us got together and had such a fun night.  We had delicious food and played a fun game.  Our friends, Jenny and Skyler had a game that they play at parties and it's called "Minute to Win it!"  What it is, is there are different random tasks that you have to do in order to get points for your team.  One of the games we had to play along with another couple was we had to put vaseline on our noses and take six cotton balls from the table to a plate in under a minute. Our favorite game of the night was when our friends, Julie, Tyson, Rachel and Wes had to play "Junk in The Trunk." They had to  tie empty tissue boxes around their waists that had three or four ping pong balls in each box, they had to shake their bodies to try and get all the ping pong balls out the fastest.  It was so funny! Everyone was laughing so hard including me, which you can hear in the video.  It really was such a blast.  We have had such a great time being in Arizona and meeting all these new friends that we have.  They are all so great and they keep us here and loving it! Now here are some pictures from the night and also the link to the video! Enjoy!

Here is Ryan and I in our Home Made Ninja Turtle Costumes

The Lovely game show hosts, Jenny and Skyler

Love these two, Emily and Julie!

The Whole gang!

Voted "Best Picture of the Night" thanks to Conrad in the middle, and yes that is a real mullet. 
 Junk in the Trunk! Here is the link to the video!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Christmas Vinyl!

Hello Everyone! So I have picked up a new hobby and I would love to share it with you!  I make vinyl sayings! I'm going to be in Utah starting this weekend for three weeks so if you would like one let me know and I will make it for a GREAT price! I can do any saying, any color, any saying (Not just Christmas ones).  They are so great to have being in an apartment because they come right off and you can re-use them year after year! If you decide you want them later after I'm back in Arizona I can ship them for about an extra $3.00.  Just leave me a comment and I will get back to you! Here are some pictures of the latest Christmas sayings.
'Tis The Season: $10.00

Happy Holidays:$10.00

Joy To The World: $8.00

Merry Christmas: $7.00

Peace, Noel, & Joy: $4.50 Each

Ho Ho Ho: $6.00

For Unto Us a Child is Born: $10.00

Naughty or Nice: $8.00