Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween Games on YouTube!

So I never mentioned this, but on Halloween all of us got together and had such a fun night.  We had delicious food and played a fun game.  Our friends, Jenny and Skyler had a game that they play at parties and it's called "Minute to Win it!"  What it is, is there are different random tasks that you have to do in order to get points for your team.  One of the games we had to play along with another couple was we had to put vaseline on our noses and take six cotton balls from the table to a plate in under a minute. Our favorite game of the night was when our friends, Julie, Tyson, Rachel and Wes had to play "Junk in The Trunk." They had to  tie empty tissue boxes around their waists that had three or four ping pong balls in each box, they had to shake their bodies to try and get all the ping pong balls out the fastest.  It was so funny! Everyone was laughing so hard including me, which you can hear in the video.  It really was such a blast.  We have had such a great time being in Arizona and meeting all these new friends that we have.  They are all so great and they keep us here and loving it! Now here are some pictures from the night and also the link to the video! Enjoy!

Here is Ryan and I in our Home Made Ninja Turtle Costumes

The Lovely game show hosts, Jenny and Skyler

Love these two, Emily and Julie!

The Whole gang!

Voted "Best Picture of the Night" thanks to Conrad in the middle, and yes that is a real mullet. 
 Junk in the Trunk! Here is the link to the video!


  1. no. you. didnt!!! hahahahahahah! I am laughing so hard again I'm crying!! I can't believe that's me! How embarrassing. Oh and the G's are definitely peeking out more than once. :)

    p.s. I think you have the cutest laugh ever! Love ya!

  2. Oh my word!! Thank you for that, I was taping it too, so i did't get to enjoy the greatness of Julies arms shaking back and forth and Rachel doing back bends!!HILARIOUS!!! And I'm so glad we can always go to U-tube and relive the greatness!

  3. hehehe! So funny. I thought the exact same thing as julie... no you didn't!! but it definitely makes me laugh every time i see it!