Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Christmas Vinyl!

Hello Everyone! So I have picked up a new hobby and I would love to share it with you!  I make vinyl sayings! I'm going to be in Utah starting this weekend for three weeks so if you would like one let me know and I will make it for a GREAT price! I can do any saying, any color, any saying (Not just Christmas ones).  They are so great to have being in an apartment because they come right off and you can re-use them year after year! If you decide you want them later after I'm back in Arizona I can ship them for about an extra $3.00.  Just leave me a comment and I will get back to you! Here are some pictures of the latest Christmas sayings.
'Tis The Season: $10.00

Happy Holidays:$10.00

Joy To The World: $8.00

Merry Christmas: $7.00

Peace, Noel, & Joy: $4.50 Each

Ho Ho Ho: $6.00

For Unto Us a Child is Born: $10.00

Naughty or Nice: $8.00


  1. this is all soo cute jill! I love reading your blog! you are quite the little crafter... I am impressed! Im so excited for you guys to come home!

  2. You need to have a baby tomorrow. You already have the crafting of a Mom down might as well get the full package.

  3. Jill! these are adorable! I want one! I love the happy holidays one! how do I arrange to get one from you!?? You are so impressive miss crafty!

  4. Ha ha thanks everyone! But Nicole I just make them and i'll send them to you, but i might even bring my stuff to utah while i'm there, i haven't decided yet!

  5. i am so happy about this!! so glad to have more friends to stalk via blogging!!!! love love love it!!!