Friday, September 23, 2011

Why ALL the Numbers?!

L to R: Rachel (9), Julie (6), Jenny (5), Me (4), Emily (3) & Jamie (2)
I will tell you why, because...
We are ALL pregnant!
That's right, all of my friends here in 
Arizona are expecting.
Rachel, who is holding up the 
#9, had her baby Tuesday
and then it just keeps 
going from 
6 months to 2 months!
I can't wait to have all the babies
around and for my 
little one to have so many friends!
Oh and P.S. 4 Days
until we find out what our bean is!
We cannot wait!!!!!


  1. Can't wait to hear what your having!!!

  2. Jill I'm so excited for you and Ryan! Maddi told me and I got so happy.

  3. K so this is so random...found your blog thru my mother inlaws...and then saw the cute picture and realized that I know someone in it! Jamie (Jamie smith is what I know her as) used to be in my ward/stake in Washington. She was one of my ycls in girls camp and I thought she was the coolest ever! Her mom and my mom are good friends. What a small world!

    Anyway...congratulations! When we were talking to you guys at KC jensens homecoming and you said you were working on having a baby we didn't realize that meant you were already expecting a baby! So exciting!