Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Boredom & Late Night Study Sessions...

Annnd.... It's official.  I'm tired of not having a job or something to keep me busy during the day.  You can only deep clean so many times before you just don't need to anymore. There are only so many crafts you can do before you are crafted out for the month.  It hit me tonight after I had already re done the blog, cleaned up dinner, read some of a book and THOUGHT about going and walking on the treadmill... which I talked my self out of because it freaks me out to go anywhere this late at night, that I decided I need to come up with a hobby.  One that is inexpensive, easy and entertaining.  I would love any suggestions and any friends to do this new hobby along with.  Ryan has been studying at school until really late usually, but tonight he decided that he would study at home, which I love!
Tonight, while I was reading some other blogs I was hit with a paper airplane. I picked it up and found this....
(yes he knows he spelled "secret" wrong, can you tell he studies bodily functions all day???:))

I returned with this....
We keep each other pretty entertained..  
I love it.


  1. Is it time to bring back the collecting of beanie babies???

  2. Awww this sounds too good to be true, why didn't i think of this before?!?