Thursday, November 3, 2011


So October came and went so quickly, it's crazy!! I'm not complaining because the quicker it goes the quicker Thanksgiving, Christmas and new baby Neeley come!  I'll give you a short and sweet update of what went on this month of monsters!
1. Birthday, already posted about it... but it's a pretty big deal so I will make mention of it again :)
2. Ryan's flag football team took second, yahoo! So sad it's over!
3. Went home to babysit Reecey while my parents were in Boston, loved it, I miss her face!
4. Halloween!! Ever since I got married, Halloween is 50 times better.  Because I get to think of a themed couple costume! This year Ryan decided that he wanted to be Nacho Libre, so that left me being the Nun, a little inappropriate that I was a pregnant Nun, but I just figured it added to the Halloween spirit!  I did decide to make our costumes this year... good idea? probably not,(I ended up looking a lot like a polygamist) I'm sure next year I will be going to the store and buying them.  Wayy easier and less stressful. 
5. The friends Halloween party at Candice and Troy's house.  So fun and always a night full of laughs.  Especially since our friend Conrad decided to be Kip from Napoleon Dynamite, and our other friend Dan was Mario, they were hilarious together!
6. A great Halloween party at my sister's house.  She went out of her way to make everything perfect!  She did an amazing job, and it was so great to see Jack, Colt and Nash in their costumes and of course in character, ha ha. 
7. Doctors appointment, which went well.  Uneventful, which is good I guess! The doctor, along with everyone else told me that I have just "popped" right out...uhh complement? Sure why not.  I'll take it.  When else would it be okay to get a belly and have it be a good thing? Never.
 8. Made our Thanksgiving plans, which I am so EXCITED for!! We are leaving the night Ryan finishes his finals, which is Nov. 11 and we don't get home until Nov. 27. We are going to Utah and staying with his family for a week, and then staying at my parents house for a few days, and then heading off to Denver with my family to my Grandparents house! I have two Baby showers when I'm home and I am so so excited and grateful for the people that are doing them and coming!
9.  Ryan has finals this next week, so this entire month has been dedicated to studying.
10. Lastly, took down the Halloween decorations and talked myself out of putting the Christmas tree up.  Instead I just listened to Christmas music all day!
That's it! October in a nutshell! Hope everyone had a great Halloween!


  1. Jill you are so cute I can't get over it!

  2. Ha ha I want Christmas decorations up too!! You really have popped out, but it's so dang cute. You guys will have the cutest baby...really.

  3. Jilly, you are so freakin cute pregnant! I am jealouse!

  4. I can't believe you MADE your costumes. Good job!!!! Can't wait for you guys to come in November. We have to get together OK? and I know I say this alot but your belly is so dang adorable!

  5. K your Halloween costumes were hilarious! And AMAZING! Holy cow I can't believe you actually made them! I am jealous of your creative talent for sure. So so excited for your baby shower. I know I've said it before, but you really do have the most adorable belly. So excited for your little man to come!