Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Anniversary To Us!!

So Ryan and I celebrated our first anniversary this Friday! And yes it was on the day of the Royal Wedding!  I did start my day off by skipping boot camp and watching the Royal Wedding instead...which by the way I really REALLY enjoyed! But anyway, Ryan had two tests that day and I had to work all day so it was kind of a bummer!  

But we decided that we would go to dinner that night and not worry too much about doing something great! Because we are going to Sedona the end of this month to celebrate!  We decided to go to dinner to our favorite place that happened to be on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. 
It's called Piazza Alfornos and it is DELICIOUS!!  We stuffed ourselves full of pizza and were very satisfied! Oh and I forgot to mention that the first anniversary is the "paper" anniversary so the gifts needed to be paper which worked out real nicely on account that we are on a medical students budget.  So we gave each other our gifts and may I say Ryan out did himself yet again!  I made him go first, he made me close my eyes and like a kid I tried to peek through my hands but it didn't do me any good because... Well he had a frame and he turned it around and it had a picture of Keith Urban taped to it!!! 
(This seriously was my face...not over doing it at all.)
 Oh man I was so excited!!! I found out that Keith Urban was coming here in January and I literally have not stopped talking about it since then! I had wanted tickets so bad anytime there was a time that a gift was due I made sure to mention Keith Urban!  It was so great because I really had not been expecting it at all!  I really thought it was a lost hope!  I am so so lucky to have such a great husband that does everything that he can to make me happy!  I love him!! And when I took the picture of Keith Urban off there was a picture from our wedding day and he had written on the picture mat all of his favorite memories from our first year of being married!  Oh man!  My gift was getting lamer and lamer by the second!  But I gave him this picture that I had made with a yellow bicycle built for two on it with our names and our wedding date on it.  The story behind it is that every year when we go to Newport with Ryan's family we rent that bike and every year we just happen to get the yellow bike, and that is the story behind it...lame I know compared to his gift but I did what I can!  
 When we got back from dinner we really love bringing the air mattress out and watching a movie and sleeping out in the living room.  But we didn't have a pump for the air mattress so Ry had the great idea of pulling our mattress from our bed out to the living room.  Great idea!! It may still be out in the living room....whoops!  But we pulled it out of our room and watched Tangled and fell asleep 15 minutes into it, which is typical for Ryan and I.  But it was such a great night and we really enjoyed ourselves!  

It has been such an amazing year and I remember everyone saying that the first year is the hardest, and I have loved every moment of it!  Ryan is such a great husband and I am so so lucky to have him!  He was the best choice I have every made in my entire life! I wouldn't trade a second of the past year for anything!  


  1. yay!!! HAppy Anniversary you guys!!!! That came so fast! Hope you had a wonderful first year!!!

  2. You two are beautiful! He is lucky to have my little Fruit cake! Happy Anniversary!

  3. You two are so cute! Happy Anniversary to two wonderful friends. We love you guys!

  4. You guys are super too cute :D Love the gifts! So thoughtful.

  5. You guys are geniuses to pull the mattress out...change things up a little you know real sleep over style! I am so sorry I forgot to wish you a happy anniversary wiener friend over here! So HAPPY BELATED 1ST ANNIVERSARY! You're veterans.

  6. Happy Anniversary!!!!!! That is sooo exciting, that seemed to go by fast! You 2 are the CUTEST couple EVEr:)