Sunday, June 5, 2011


So just about every other day I think to myself "oh I should blog about this!" do I ever follow through with it?? No, obviously.  I hate doing these types of posts where I am having to talk about 500 different events that have gone on because I can never just sit down and blog.  So I'm sorry but i'm going to have to do it, a quick run through of what has gone on in the past three weeks!

First, I went back home to Utah to meet my sister Jenna's baby! On May 2, Reece Lynn Wendler was born and she is seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen!  I met her when she was just a few days old and most of the time when babies are that new it's not so great. But I really could not get enough of her.  She is so so sweet and she is such a good baby.  I am so happy for the both of them! And may I say she is the best dressed baby I have ever met and I am hoping that some day I have a baby girl so I can get all the hand me downs! 

Secondly, I was home over Mothers day weekend and so what also comes with the joyful day of celebrating our lovely mothers, is getting to talk to Missionaries! Yahoo!  My brother Max is in the Dominican Republic and has been out for almost 17 months! It is always so fun to get to talk to him!  I love getting emails from him but a phone call is 1000 times better! When we called it was just me, my mom and Jenna and we had it on speaker phone and we were huddled around the phone.  It rang and rang and then he picked up and it gave me the chills when I heard him say "Hello!" I still get the chills!  It was so great talking to him! It was fun too because he was talking about how he needed my mom to get him registered for school and everything! It's so crazy how quickly time really has gone by! The next time we talk to him, he will be coming home in a week! Love it!!
Third, While I was home my friend Abby's sweet husband Josh threw her a surprise party for her graduation! It was so so fun to get together with all my friends again! I loved that we all were able to get together and just talk and laugh like we never left each other! I miss them so much and I can not wait to get together with them again!
Fourth, RYAN FINISHED HIS FIRST YEAR OF SCHOOL!! Hip Hip Hooray for him! And may I say I am a very proud wife! He is seriously such a hard worker and did amazing this year.  He did better then we both expected! He is now the Orthopedic Club President for next year and is already trying to do so much for it! I swear he is a different breed, he LOVES school and is the complete opposite of me when it comes to school work!  I hope the next 3 years go as fast as this year did, because this year was very do-able! 

Fifth, as I mentioned in an earlier post, Ryan and I had our anniversary this past April.  Well since Ryan was in school we really weren't able to go somewhere.  So I planned a trip to go out to Sedona to just get away and be with each other.  We headed up to Sedona the minute after Ryan finished school and we really enjoyed ourselves! It was so nice up there, it reminds me of home, with the mountains and all the beautiful scenery.  We stayed in a room that was perfect,  as soon as you walked in it smelled like the woods.  It had a great forest view and it even had a hot tub on the deck! Bonus! We were in heaven! Being in Arizona you seriously become an outdoorsmen.  You just can't help but be outside and love it! 

Sixth, Ryan and I have a new edition to our little family! No it's not a baby. We got a new car! We have been looking for awhile and my dad has been looking for us too in Utah, because oddly enough cars seem to be cheaper there! So I had been emailing my dad serval times a day with different cars for him to go and look at (he was such a good sport!) and Wednesday night we found one on KSL and I emailed it to my dad and he went and looked at it and really liked it! My dad is so picky about cars so this was a good sign! It's a 2007 silver honda accord (I know, we already have a silver accord, we are creatures of habit) and it only had 29,000 miles! It was a dream! So Ryan flew out to Utah the next morning and went and looked at it, had it inspected to make sure it wasn't too good to be true and it was perfect! He is still in Utah with the car and so I haven't even seen it yet but Ryan has already named it (Becky..I have no idea where he got that from!)so I'm guessing he loves it so I know I will love it too! I can't wait to see it!

That's it for now, I'm now making a goal for myself that I will blog more often so I don't have to do so many of these forever long posts! Have a great weekend and I will be back soon!


  1. Yeeeeah for Honda. We both got new Hondas! Mine is a liiiiittle more awesome...VAN...but its ok one day you'll drive one if you're lucky. :)

  2. Also let me just go ahead and share with you the comment my mom just made about this post. I was showing her the LOVELY picture of me you've put up and she goes.....loooook at you....that doesn't even look like you you look like a little handicapped girl.... Leave it to Bobbi to say it like it is.