Wednesday, March 23, 2011

~Wedding Video~

I know it's been almost a year since Ryan and I got married, but we finally got our video on the internet!  I can't believe it really has been a year!  Time has gone so fast!  David Perry did our video and he does an amazing job, he did my sisters video and a few of my cousins!  We love him!  If you are in the market he is the best, hands down! Here is the link to it: Enjoy!


  1. I loved that!!!!!!! Oh man. Totally had a huge smile on while I was watching it. Haha It is so cute! I loooooved the snow on the tulips that day. So pretty!!!
    and the video below this post....HILARIOUS!!!!

  2. Jill sorry this is so random but I really like your wedding video! Your wedding looked beautiful. Congrats! And very small world your husband and Mike (my brother) are going to the same med school. He says he loves Arizonia. If you know of any cute single girls... He is single! Haha

  3. Awe thanks Katie! That's so sweet, your wedding looked amazing, hope you two are doing great! And abby, I'm coming to Utah the first weekend in may to meet jennas baby and I hope to meet you as well I'm home!