Monday, March 14, 2011

My Old Campin Buddies..

So back in the day my friends and I thought it would be a great idea to go camping with just four of us girls.  We were bored one Saturday night and we thought "Hey we should go camping, it would be really fun and hilarious" Which it was.  So we went on our first camping trip up in Crystal Hot Springs, which is in Honeyville clear up North in Utah.  It is sooo ghetto but it made for a great spot.  So we gathered up our camping supplies (Thanks to Cassidy's awesome camping family) 

and headed out for the adventure of a life time.  We were off!  We left a little late so we were left with no light and a tent to set up.  It was seriously so funny!  We got the tent up and we played games we danced to the Ipod and did everything that you would do camping.  We loved that sort of life. We liked being country folk.
 We then got real serious about camping and actually went up to a real camp site with a real trailer.  We went on a bear hunt equipped with Red Ryder BBguns and even did a little target practice.  It was really really great!

So.. the moral of this blog post is that I miss my friends in Utah and I want them to get their booties down here to AZ!  I miss you guys!!!


  1. Hahaha. We were so outdoorsy! Remember the gas station where you bought that flannel jacket? Oh wait you are wearing it in your picture. Classic!!!!

  2. Yes I loved that jacket, And I am convinced that Ryan threw it away because he hated it! dang it!

  3. Oh my heck this made my day!! We were the greatest... not to mention the cutest. ha ha Ryan better not have thrown that treasure of a jacket away!

  4. Ahhh Cass!! I need to be added to your blog! I want to read about the new baby!!

  5. If I do say so myself my shooting was superb as you can clearly see eye closed...focusing in REAL hard on my target. If any Bears charged us I for sure would have been run for my life and sacrifice the rest of you. Side note...Remember sleeping at Ali's house when we got punked by those stupid boys and I was sleeping by the door and you were next to me and I rolled over you and yelled "TAKE THE LITTLE ONE!" :)