Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Well...This is awkward...

Alright, so I was just reading back on my Valentines day post and I realized how lazy I made myself sound! I would like to say this now. I am not lazy.  Ha ha! I was going through the post and I said things like "we got take out because it was across the street" I promise I make dinner most of the time and we do travel further then across the street.  Then I said how I just combine the Valentines and Anniversary gifts, like it was too hard to do gifts for both.. it wasn't I just couldn't keep it a secret any longer! I am not the greatest at keeping those types of secrets, sue me I get excited.  I will admit that I do try to make Ryan to "make" me tell him what I got him, but he will never play along. Lame. 
But I would like to say whenever I am having a convo with you and I say more then once "have you seen that one show..." please tell me to stop.  I do more then watch TV, but I have found myself saying that in several conversations. Dang it.  I have my shows and I always want to tell people about them, I want to share the joy. You're welcome.
Sorry about the random post, I just wanted to make sure that everyone knew that I do more then occasionally get off the couch and travel across the street for food.  Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. hahahaha! Jill you kill me! I'm glad you cleared this up though, Tyson and I were like "man, Jill is so lazy!" Now I know you're not. ;)

  2. I'll believe it when I see it!!!!

  3. you are a GOOF BALL. Who would think you were lazy from what you wrote. Me personally, I would think you're frugal and taking a break when warranted. :)