Thursday, October 21, 2010

Random Nun-Sense. . .

So it's been awhile. . . only because nothing has really been going on! I've really just been doing crafts and hanging out with my friends which is so fun, but you can really only post so many pictures of your projects before you go too far.  People start thinking that's all you do.  So I'll just cover the past events, like I do every week.  I hope this is what a blog is used for.  I don't really have funny stories or kids to talk about.  So here goes nothing.
 (This is Ryan after he thought it would be a good idea to put his desk on cinder blocks because he was getting back aches from it "being too short"..:))

As of late I have turned into something that I never knew was possible.  I love it, but it's a change! I've suddenly become so obsessed with pottery barn and the things they sale on there that I swear I could make.  Like rocks that are painted with chalk board paint and they write words on them, they sale them in a set of 4 for $15.00! So I go to my sisters back yard pick out some rocks and get spray paint and there you go! I've made them, easy.  Next.  My friend Emily showed me this section in Home Depot where they put all the scrap wood and sell it for $0.51.  So I buy some get some spray paint, design a cute name thing, bedazzle it a little (a lot) and there we go! I get a thrill from it, buying cheap supplies and making something worth hanging on a wall.
This is my next project: Fix my beloved blanket that my Grammy gave me. Then Ryan can't be so grossed out by it! :)

 This past week my sister and I and the little guys went to the pet store at the mall.  They have so many cute puppies that I want to take home.  But apparently it's a good idea that I don't... I'll tell you why.  So we found this Mini German Shepard, it was soo cute! A worker got it out of it's cage and let us play with it.  The boys weren't loving it, but I was.  I was hugging it and rubbing my face on it.  I wanted to take him right then!  Well when we left (without the pup) literally two minutes after I started to ITCH! Everywhere! But mostly on my thighs...weird.  But I couldn't stop itching them, it was out of control!  I couldn't stop itching, nothing was going to stop me from getting that itch.  So my sister started to get worried and took me home and I showered and was much better, but looking at me you wouldn't have thought I was okay.  I guess I itched a little too hard... My thighs were bruised, it looked like I had been kicked with a soccer shoe.  It was hideous! Well the worst thing out of this whole story is I sent a picture of it to my mom...bad idea.  She called me crying saying that something was wrong with me, and it's stupid of me to take it so lightly.  So I was ordered to go to the doctor.  So Ryan and I went and I had to give my blood, which is my worst nightmare! I hate it more then snakes, spiders, scorpians, worms ANYTHING! And after all that, the doctor called me and told me i'm fine and I just need to lay off the itching and not to be so aggressive.  I guess I'll stay away from the dogs for now.

 Lastly, the weather here in AZ has been amazing! It has been low 80's upper 70's.  It is so pleasant.. finally! It's been so bloody hot I was about to boil.  But Ryan and I went and picked up a new little table and chair set for our deck.  Walmart special, we love it.  We picked it up so Ryan could start studying outside, which hasn't happened yet, so I'm putting it to good use by sitting out here and blogging.  But we bought it, almost didn't get it in the car, got home and then I was asked by my sweet husband if I would put it together so he could study...what the! I've never done this, but I guess there is a first for everything..why not now.  So I put it together and I'm like a proud mother looking at it.  Although I wasn't happy at the time, I am now. Who knew it could seriously be so confusing? All that matters is that it's standing and usable.

So that's really it, thanks for reading yet another post by me.  Sometime I'm going to get Ryan to post, sometime during his 20 hours of studying a day, why not take thirty minutes to write on our blog? It's a great idea I think.  Anyway, Until next time...whenever that will be.
Oh and P.S. update on the Fat Kid, Tramp Situation, they got a new tramp, but when Ryan tried to get on it with Jack, Jack freaked out and started yelling "he's going to break it, off off!" Ha ha, best thing ever! I love it!


  1. Ohhhh my goodness... BRUISED from itching?! That looks SO painful. Have you become illergic to dogs?? I love the patio set up! and I also love the "Fat kid tramp story" haha!

  2. I wish I had a sign like that...only in red and black...