Sunday, October 10, 2010

Celebration Week!

This past week was full of fun and exciting events.  We first started out with Ryan's parents coming in along with my family too.  It was so fun having everyone here! They had all come in for Ryan's white coat ceremony. Sadly, Ryan had a really big test to study for so he didn't really get to spend much time with anyone.  But that means I was able to spend a lot of time with them!  Ryan's parents and little brother stayed with us in our apartment, which was really fun to have them just right here! No traveling required :) 

The White Coat ceremony was on Friday afternoon so Ryan was at school up until the ceremony so we all went and met him there.  We all sat together and watched both Ryan and my brother in-law get their white coats.  So great and exciting.  We went to dinner after with everyone which is always fun! We did some pre-birthday shopping with my mom and sister.  We wathced conference too this weekend which was great like it always is.  I was so sad to see everyone leave and I can't wait to see them again in a few weeks back in Utah.
 This last Tuesday was my 22nd birthday!! It was so fun to have everyone here over the weekend because then it started my birthday a few days early!  Since I was little I have LOVED my birthday! I think it was because my parents always did such a great job giving us a wonderful day! But Ryan has taken over very well! He made me breakfast and then he went off to school and I went off to the Phoenix Zoo with my sister and nephews and a friend! It was really fun but we had a pretty big rain storm which was fine, it seems to rain on days that are important (i.e. our wedding day) After Ryan and I went to dinner and then came home and just watched a movie and took it easy!  It was a great day thanks to my family!

Next I went to the Science Museum with the same group of family and friends! It was really fun and I've never seen Jack so focused on things.  He loved it and it was so great to be there.
This week was also full of crafts! A few of us have done everything we can think of, and we have enjoyed ourselves the entire time! We recovered things and made vinyl lettering, it is so fun!  We are going to do it this week again and I'll keep you
updated with pictures and things! 
But that is really all for this week! If anything else comes up that is worth blogging for! Have a great week everyone!


  1. Jill---how flippin cute! I love love love the the blocks--seriously. I love polka dots so anything with them I just love. That looked like so much fun with the white coat ceremony too! We're almost birthday buddies! Mine was Sept. couple days apart huh? happy belated birthday!!

  2. Happy Birthday again!!!! I'm so glad it was a good one. ;) And all of our crafts just turned out terrific i think. I can't wait for another day full of crafts! yay!