Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Stupid Bloggers....

Wow... If I'm not the worst blogger I don't know who is.  It has just been the craziest month and a half! I've finished school and taken all my state tests, and now it's official.  I can do hair and get paid for it now! Woohoo!  We also are moving this weekend to Arizona, but before we get all caught up in school we are going to Newport Beach!! I love it! I can't wait for it! I've been axiously waiting this trip all summer long! The Neeley's have been going for years and years, I've only been once but this time we will be going as a Married Couple! Awesome!  Then from Newport we will just say our goodbyes and head down to the sunny state of Arizona!  I'm so excited, we are going to have our own little apartment and it's going to be ours to decorate and go crazy with. (while baking in the 110 degree weather :S)
While packing Ryan and I have had a few late nights and we have gone a little nuts with the lack of sleep.  We had been spending some time on YouTube and getting a few good laughs.  I could be on the site for hours.  Here is a video that we couldn't get enough of!  Hope you enjoy! Next time I blog it will be full of pictures from newport and the big move! Until next time!!

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  1. Finally!!! Did you watch double rainbow or ninja cat yet??