Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sweet Home Arizona Here We Come!

So as many of you know Ryan and I are moving to Arizona at the end of July. We are so excited to be in a new place and be on our own for real. We are going to miss our families so much, luckily my sister Kindi, her husband and kids live less then five minutes away from our new apartment in Glendale. We went down to Arizona over Memorial Day weekend and found some AMAZING deals on apartments! There were so many great choices and we had to make a decision quick to get the deals! We chose this place called Arrowhead Summit. We have a great view of the pool and we have a balcony and everything! We are getting so much space for such a great price! I can't wait to really have our own little place that we can do whatever with and to have a blank space to decorate. If anyone has any good tips for decorating let me know! I always think that I have great ideas and then I realize that I have to have like millions of dollars to make my ideas work. Some day...maybe. So any DIY ideas please share!

Other news, we went up to Island Park this weekend up to the cabin and it was so nice to just be up there and relax. It was raining all weekend so we really HAD to stay inside and relax...dang it! Even though it was raining Ryan still wanted to go out and fish on the lake, so i put on my hood and like the trooper that I am I stayed out there for a whole ten minutes. I'm such a good wife... Whoops!

And last thing, as many of you know I'm going to hair school at Taylor Andrews. I'm finishing up in about a month and a half and I can't wait! I was up in the Layton school but after $400.00 worth of gas in a month we decided that it would be best to transfer down to the West Jordan School. So what i'm getting to is if anyone needs anything like a hair cut, color, etc. I would be more then happy to do it! I'm just down on 90th South so if you need anything give me a ring a ling!

Here is a movie of Ryan and our cute nephews while we were in Arizona!

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  1. Hey Jillian! Your blog is so cute. My brother is down in Glendale right now going to Midwestern as well and he LOVES it! The area is all so nice and new and everything is awesome. I love going down and visiting cuz it's such a great place! Yeah it definitely gets hot, just make sure you have a garage! haha but yeah I just wanted to tell you that you won't be sad you moved down there at all, it's awesome and you'll probably never wanna leave ;) how long will he be going to school down there?