Thursday, September 2, 2010

We are alive!!

It's been so long since I've been in the blogging world! I missed it but I just couldn't get myself to sit down and go over everything that has been going on! But now it has all built up and there is more then enough to talk about! But I won't put you to sleep with all the details of everything! I will just graze the surface of everything!  So here it goes...
1. First we moved, I know it's not new news but it's something that is a big deal and I want to talk about it. So we moved down to Glendale Arizona for Medical School.  It's so hot!!!! But.... I LOVE IT! I have lived my entire life being cold all the time and now I'm never cold! It's so nice! I actually get hot, it's weird!  But Ryan and I love it, he is at school most of the time (which he is also enjoying) so he isn't in the heat too much.  

2.  Second, Ryan started school!! He has starred his journey through medical school.  We have made lots of new friends through school and church and it is so fun!  It's like we have started an entire new life out here and it is treating us very nicely!  Ryan goes to school from about 8 in the morning and usually gets home around 5:30, eats dinner and then goes into the den and i usually don't see him until the next morning when we wake up and start the whole schedule over again! It's crazy busy, but he is really enjoying himself !

3.  Third, I got a new job!  I work at a salon assisting a stylist and it's an entire new experience.  I really like who I am assisting, she is amazing and I am learning so much!  I can't wait to continue there and learn a ton! 
4.  Fourth, We went to Newport this summer and had a blast!  Every year the Neeley's go to Newport for a week in the summer and stay in a beach house! It is like a dream vacation! I love going there and we are looking forward to it again next summer!  

5.  Fifth, I have turned into someone I never thought I would be....I have become a budgeter and a couponer! It's insane, I love it.  Today I went to two different grocery stores so I could get the deals at both of them.  It was so worth it since I saved $62.00!  It's really great, I do have to dedicate like 2 and a half hours to grocery shopping, but in the end it's all worth it!  I get a high from it, and Ryan loves saving some green!

So that's it.  Short and Sweet, but I told you I would only skim the surface of our exciting summer.  Even though it's September and usually I would say our summer was over, but it's not.  It's still reaching 105 here so summer is still in full swing!  So if you need some more summer feel free to come down and make a visit to your favorite newly Arizonians!  


  1. I will blog stalk you now to make sure you didn't dry up in the Arizona heat!

  2. ha ha i know! I haven't yet! You guys should come for a visit soon!

  3. ummm....your picture at the top of your blog is gorgeous!!! I am so happy we exchanged blogs today. :)