Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Big Boy & Thanksgiving

I have been looking back at old pictures recently and can't help but feel sad when I look at pictures of Hudson when he was just brand new.  Time has gone by so fast and I really can't believe it.  I found a video of when he was just a couple of hours old and it is so sweet, I never want to loose it.Little babies are just so sweet and special.  
I look at Hudson now just 10 months later and he is so completely different.  This morning I went to get him out of his crib and he had pulled himself up and was biting the crib and stopped as soon as I came in, because he knows I hate when he does that.  He gives me the biggest smiles, the cutest laughs and the best cuddles.  I can't get over this boy, he just gets better and better every day that I am get to be with him.  

Anyways, enough about my sweet little boy.  For Thanksgiving we made the 11 hour drive up to Utah.... the drive was so long.  Hudson did great, didn't have a meltdown ever, but I was just waiting for it. So I was a little nervous the whole time.  But we did great.  It was a short trip, we went up Wednesday night and came back on Sunday.  We spent the weekend with Ryan's family and it was so fun.  There never is dull moment at the Neeley home.  My family was in Denver so we didn't make any trips up north.    

I am so grateful for so much this year, obviously Hudson and Ryan are the most important.  I love them both so much and I would be so sad without them.  I am so grateful for my family.  They do so much for my little family.  They help us so much in these rather tight times.  They are always making trips down here to see us and they are always flying me up to be with them.  I'm very very lucky.  I so grateful for my friends, both in Utah and Arizona.  I love that I can not talk to my friends in Utah all the time but when we get together it is like we have never been apart, I laugh harder when I am with them then I ever do! I miss them so much! (hint hint get out here asap puuuhlllease!) and my friends out here have become like family.  We all live so close so we are always around each other.  It's so nice!  I'm so grateful that my little family are all healthy and strong.  We are so blessed to be healthy and have each other.  I have so many other things I could go on and on.  Its such a great time of year! I hope everyone has a fantastic Holiday Season! 

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  1. Oh I just love you!!!! and i love your family so so much. these pictures of you guys are gorgeous!!!