Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2011 In Review

So.. I know I'm a little late on doing the whole "year in review" thing but I honestly don't have a ton to blog about, so this will be the easiest, fastest and just the better way for me to do this. So here goes.

January 2011:
-Ryan's big 2-7 birthday! This old man just gets better with age!

February 2011:
Our first Valentines Day being a Married Couple.
We kept it easy and low key, take out, watched a movie at home, 
just took it easy!
AAAND went on a cruise! 

March 2011
Had a fun attempt at a St. Patties Day breakfast...
FAIL! Every time I think of those green waffles I want to throw up!
'A' for Effort!
April 2011:
First year of Marriage down 7000 to go!
Easily the best year because of getting to marry Ryan!
We again kept it simple, Ryan did get me an awesome gift of
Keith Urban tickets, but Keith cancelled which 
actually was okay because I would have been like 5 months pregnant
at the concert! So it all worked out! Maybe next time!

May 2011:
Our cute new niece was born!
Reece Lynn Wendler! 
Love her to pieces and wish we could see her more!
We also went to Sedona to celebrate our anniversary!

June 2011:
Busy month! First found out we were going to have a baby!
Then we made our first big purchase together, Becky... our car!
Ryan finished his first year of Medical School! Yahoo!
July 2011:
We got another nephew! 
Nash James Wahlstrom! 
He is so sweet and just the cutest thing ever!
We also did the annual Neeley family Newport trip!

August 2011:
Ryan started back to school for his 
Second Year....
September 2011:
We found out we were having a little BOY! We are so excited for him to come!
Me and FIVE of my friends here in Arizona were all pregnant!
It's so fun to finally be having all these babies! 
Can't wait to add our little guy!
Ohh and did I mention that it goes 
Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy. 
Everyone has someone to marry...
but seriously! 

October 2011:
Had my 23rd birthday! Getting older is awesome!
And also Halloween, we were Nacho and the Nun! 
Can't wait to make the little Guys costume!
November 2011:
We got another niece! 
Remi Rose Neider
So so cute! 
Ryan met the Wendler side of the family for the first time
when we went to Colorado for Thanksgiving!
December 2011:
 My brother came home from his mission! 
That was a highlight for the year really! So fun! 
We had two great Christmas' with our families.
And a good New Year lighting lanterns!

Goodbye 2011! Hello 2012! 


  1. Wow! What a fun fun year you two had:) Such a cute post idea. Love your blog Jill!

  2. What a wonderful year!! I love the year in review, I need to get some motivation to do that.. so creative Jillian!! Well can't wait for the babies to be here soon, this year will be starting off with some fun new additions!